segunda-feira, 24 de outubro de 2011

Walking dead

As quick as a bullet in her head, departure feeling strikes her again, like a cyanide cocktail to her already damaged brain.

Every moment and every word, every laugh and every chord, every lie she took like a newborn in her arms, singing lullabies heard by no one but her own illusions, which now haunt her without a rest.

'You are everything I need', he says to her built human grave, while she watches by the door, tears falling for these words she always wanted to hear becoming dirty and spoiled, wasted with another pathetic plastic doll.

Like a burning knife in her heart, it aches harder with every breathe, as she desperately punches her chest which is now nothing but an open cage to sorrow, ready to be fulfilled by angry maggots of rage.

Bleeding body to match her bleeding soul, just another scar to collect, nothing but a new reason for seclusion, bringing back the wounded child she thought has been dilute by her fake-smile-pills.

And all the songs she cant no longer sing, and all the melodies she cant no longer play, and all the words she cant no longer hear, and all the poems she cant no longer say, and all the feelings she cant no longer face... it all lies in a cemetery that bears his name.

"Behind these eyes self destruction swims through my mind
I'm confusion and contempt, I am the void
You are the emptiness of black tomorrow
I feel so hollow"

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